This is a pen as smart as your phone.

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How are we helping you?

In the trillion dollar US Mortgage & Auto Loan market

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What is the pen?

We're changing everything by changing nothing…

In 1918, when someone bought a house, the buyer and the seller had to ink their names on a paper contract to complete the transaction. The paper then had to me moved around and managed.

Over one hundred years later, in the midst of the Digital Age, nothing has really changed. Millions of pieces of paper are used in process around the mortgage, automotive and banking industries.

Until now.

How it works…

  • The Smart Pen is an industry changing solution which simplifies and enhances the processing of contractual paperwork.
  • Complete with a camera more powerful than an iPhone, the Smart Pen starts working its magic as soon as the pen hits its partner paper.
  • Once documents are signed by all parties, an electronic copy of the agreement is sent to the title product system instantaneously.
  • The technology is compatible with all operating systems (including Android and iOS operating systems) for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • And it’s easily chargeable by USB (lasts 3 days with consistent use) so don’t worry about running out of ink or spillage!

Smart Pen + Smart Paper = Smart Process.
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